I’m starting my journal talking about nanowrimo. I expect homeschooling and faith and gymnastics and family will all make their way into the journal, too. But today: National Novel Writing Month, starting November 1.

It starts November 1! Aachhh!

I was getting afraid of nanowrimo, except that yesterday, with dd at gymnastics and hubby at a ballgame working concessions to earn gymnastics money, I had a great writing day. I gave up my weird obsession with sheet protectors (don’t ask) and instead got out some index cards and *poof * I’ve got a plot. I hope it’s 50,000 words worth of plot, but I’m working on a subplot.

This is truly a God thing!

The only problem is that I keep trying to actually write the thing, yet it’s part of the rules (and the fun) that you enter the month of November not having written anything.

The index cards are really cool, too. Different color for each character.

And I still have my basic story information in those wonderful sheet protectors!