I have several dreams, beyond getting closer to Christ and being a good mama and wife. Funny thing is, as much as my parents taught me about goalsetting and motivation, I’m doing virtually nothing toward these dreams. Therefore, I’m planning on the last Sunday of every month to post on my progress toward my goals.

Goal 1: Write a novel. I’m taking advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of the National Novel Writing Month in November to write my rough draft. I may miss my last Sunday goal-check for this reason, but that’s OK. My daughter’s a gymnast, and nearly lives at the gym, so I should be able to find the time to accomplish my 50,000 words, while she’s there.  I will post my progress here, and on my nanowrimodtr page.

Goal 2: Run a marathon. First, I need to lose weight. My goal is to lose at least 10 pounds by Thanksgiving. Very doable if I: (1)work out daily and (2)cook meals at home. This will give me time and energy for nanowrimo, on top of the health benefits.

Goal 3: Speak Spanish fluently. I’m teaching dd and a couple of her friends using a literature approach. Kind of like the old-fashioned primer approach to teaching reading. I also want to start Pimsleur. It’s available free online through my library. Not until after nanowrimo…

Goal 4: Turn my house into a home, using Flylady’s ideas to motivate myself. I call it my FLYte Plan. As my goal is to stoke the word fires in my soul by writing in this journal daily, I will also post how many FLYte Plan stars I earn each day, up to 6. Yes, it’s like a kiddy getting a sticker for doing her chores or using the potty. But I know myself. A hot bubble bath or an hour with a novel for every 25 stars will be a teriffic motivational tool. As will the fear of public failure imposed upon myself by posting my FLYte Plan Stars daily. I will also create a home organization journal. But, not until after nanowrimo…

Stay tuned…


Novel progress: Adding in scenes for Jule and the Opposition. Need name for Opposition, the character unfortunately named "Name," and the character named "Blue-eyes" Next up: Character sketches

FLYte Plan stars: 0 (But determined to get up at 6:30 tomorrow. No computer until I earn at least two stars, including one for workout)