OK…I’ve got my NaNoWriMo all plotted out, just like Marshall Plan for Novel Writing says: 50,000 words=40 scenes.

That means 1,250 words per scene, average.

I don’t think my 45 scenes are going to average 1,250 words.

I don’t want to just add random filler stuff like a month-long trip to Europe or the drawn-out search for a new car or…

Back to God, who’s given everything so far!


NANOWRIMO IN 4 DAYS!  Don’t look for me to start at midnight, though!

Novel Progress: Need a subplot, and still need some names. I’m going to work on character sketches to see if I can

FLYte Plan Stars: 1 today. I broke the rule about having 2 before writing, but…I did the one big FLY routine that needs to be done daily.