We went to…tried to…go see Gov. Palin, who was nearby. Unfortunately, we left for the 20 minute trip just 2 hours early and couldn’t make it through the traffic in time. We probably still would’ve made it in time to actually see her speak, but after sitting in traffic for 2 hours, we had to make an exit and get gas. Then we would’ve had to rejoin the line of traffic. Disappointment.

And now…drum roll please…Top 5 reasons why I still put lotion on the knees and elbows of my 12yo:

5. She  is afraid of it.
4. She has a weird malady that renders her unable to find her own knees and elbows.
3. She considers lotion to be a mad plot of the evil Mr. Hydrato.  She think the same of water.
2. She’s homeschooled and I never taught her what lotion is.
1. Her friend told her that lotion is made of dead bugs and tree bark.

And now for the real reason……

She’s a gymnast. She has spent years building up these callouses on the palms of her hands during bar workouts. Even using grips, the callouses come. If she put on her own lotion, it would soften the callouses and she would get painful, sometimes bloody, rips in her hand during workouts. Of course, there’s always the option of putting a little lotion on a tissue and using that to rub it in, but why waste a tissue when Mom’s right there? Plus, she got her round-off on the beam this week, so she deserved a little pampering.

My favorite thing of the day: My jack russell running across the house to jump into my arms. DD used to do that, but she better not now! She’d knock me down and we’d both be hurt! 🙂 She has gotten so tall. However, she still likes to vault over her Daddy.


Novel Progress: Mostly done with my basic story info. Working on character sheets. Named most of the characters. Gave "Alf" a better name.

FLYte Plan Stars: Please don’t ask.

Thanks to unjadedgraphics for the cool pencil icon on my Twaddle poll, and there’s another cool one with a close-up of a notebook, that I haven’t used yet. Thanks!