A toddler stands at the edge of the pool,
She doesn’t care her Daddy’s looking over there,
She just knows he’ll catch her when she…
              He does.

America, as a nation, stood at the edge of the pool and jumped away from the watchful eyes of our Father, but there is good news! Like the Daddy in the poem, God can catch us in his loving, strong arms.

God, unlike the Daddy in the poem, always has his eyes on us. God is not in control only when the conservatives are in power in our country.

Obama may get some things done that we don’t like, especially in the moral arena, but I believe God will surprise him by staying his hand in many areas. God has his eyes on us.

I trust the strong moral leadership of many of the men and women who will serve in Congress and the Courts in the next four years. This is a democracy, and those men and women will spend the next four years butting their ideas up against Obama’s That’s a good thing for America, in the end. God has his eyes on us.

Pray for those servants; life will be an uphill fight for them over the next four years. Pray for America as Obama seeks to unleash the Freedom of Choice Act. It’s a Pandora’s Box we ultimately will wish were shut. Pray for Pres-elect Obama.

God has his eyes on us!