If God has called me to homeschool my daughter, clean and cook for my family, write a novel, and spend time with him daily, then he will give me the tools and the wherewithal to do it, right?

Please remind me of this. I spent yesterday buying a new vacuum cleaner and taking dd to the chiropracter and cleaning house and commiserating on the election. Not noveling. Today will be a big noveling day, to make up that 1,667 words I didn’t write yesterday, but it’s typical for me. I focus on a clean house or on homeschooling or on losing weight or on (fill in the blank), but not the others. Not at the same time.

Baloney! If I’m doing the things that God calls me to do, I can do it. Of course, it will be easier after I’m not trying to write a novel in a month. My writing will be a more sane portion of my life.

Philippians 4:14, for goodness sake.

Pray that I will know what God is calling me to do.


NOVEL PROGRESS: 7,665 words (2500 to go for the day). 9 scenes writted out of 52-53.