I should be celebrating and taking it easy after achieving my 10,000-word milestone. But NaNoWriMo is unforgiving. There is another 1,6667 words to write today, and the next day, and the next day…

I guess that’s why it’s working, huh?

Now I’m having trouble with the next scene. I’m all hyped to write, but this scene is just not coming. All my card says is "He + Daughter.  He doesn’t know how to love her." Obviously, not a very well thought-out scene, though I knew what I wanted generally. A scene with the opposition character that shows, through a scene with his daughter,  he is not actually a well-adjusted man, though he has a soft spot for her.

I was hoping journaling would help me come up with something. It’s not. I guess a break will help. Gotta head to the gym, anyway.


NOVEL PROGRESS: 10735 words