Actually, she’s helping. I had a great time listening to her talk about her middle-school and high-school first-time novelists that she’s teaching.

Then, she was listening to me about my NaNo Novel, when I told her my character didn’t want to go Cincinnati, which is what she’s supposed to do according to my precious scene cards.

Well, we got to talking about how my character ought to really struggle during the eight months that her husband is gone. I mean really struggle. Which was the whole point of my novel. The trust issue.

1. She needs a friend to "kindly" suggest divorce.

2. I need a scene in which I introduce the friend. I was thinking about

3. She needs to hear, through her favorite student, about the rumors flying around about her and Bray. 

4. She needs to travel down to Florida to find the secretary with her husband, and he’s obvoiusly not.

5. Her conversation with ALF about it not "being like Bray. Not at all." needs to happen later in the story, like just before his return.

6. Then she discovers the painting and the Cincinnati connection.

7. She needs to be in a situation where divorce is an option because the police are on her case, following her, thinking she’s connected to him, and they consider him a criminal.

Now I know why she wasn’t wanting to go to Cincinnati. She didn’t know about the painting yet!  And I haven’t even wasted words, because the scene I already wrote will simply be moved. So there!

I get to make some more scene cards! Woo Hoo!

Next time I want my novel "ruined," I’m definitely going to call my sister.


NOVEL PROGRESS: 16,744 words: 1/3 of the way! Yeah! I’ve written 20 out of 60 scenes, which is also 1/3 of the way, so maybe my words/scene is averaging out right. ALF still refuses to call himself something different, but at least Julie’s no longer rebelling against Cincinnati since she now knows she doesn’t have to go until later in the story.

In the evening: NOVEL PROGRESS: 18,554 words. 22 out of 60 scenes. Last scene over 1,100.