…is my NaNo Novel. Writing a novel seems to seep into every area of life and seek to take over. Maybe it’s just because of the 50,000 word challenge for November. Surely a novel in two months would work, right?

Anyway, it’s fun and exhilirating. Or is that the caffeine?

NOVEL PROGRESS THIS MORNING: I’ve now written 24 scenes for a total of 19,921 words. Almost exactly 2,000 words behind where I’m supposed to be at the end of today. That could happen, with a little ability to not look at my messy house. Durn thing keeps distracting me…

NOVEL PROGRESS afternoon: I’ve now written 21,587 words. Less than 100 words from where I’m "supposed" to be. Far cry from being 2,000 words down. Changing the order of scenes a bit. Now if I can just write over 3,000 words again the next few days, I’ll be set for Thanksgiving.

Going to pay attention to my house for awhile.