I wrote so hard two days ago, I never posted in my livejournal. I was at 21,6000. Yesterday, I got up to 22,110. So, here we go to the half-way point today! I’m ready!

Yes, he’s still named ALF!

OK, I’m having an interesting problem. I know what to write. I’ve got the caffeine going. But the words just aren’t coming. It’s not writer’s block, it’s just…

…that my words are still in bed? Who forgot to set the alarm?
…second-week doldrums?
…National Anti-Word day?
…that my words ran away and I have to wait for their return?
…I’m not paying my words enough and they went on strike?


NOVEL PROGRESS: (lunchtime): 23,700–now how cool is that? 23,700 words exactly. My last scene, the one connecting Aymee to Brayden, is over 2,000 words.  Thank you, God!