I was in line at a concession stand at a high school basketball game. There was a pair of teenage girls in line ahead of the family in front of me.

One looks at the other, "Oh man," she says, "I forgot what I wanted! What did I want again?"
The other thinks for a moment. "Nachos!" she declares.
"Oh, yeah! Thanks!"

I thought that was silly enough. Until two teenage girls got in line behind me a minute or so later. They apparently had no connection with the first pair.

As they get in line, one frowns. "What did I want again?"
The other says, "uhhhhh…Mellow Yellow?"
"That’s right. Thanks."

This could be…

1)  …the invasion of the what-I-want thieves. Thank goodness their friends had attended training classes to combat these thieves!
2) …a weird teenage malady.
3) …too much mind-changing caused Permaflux.

The more pertinent question is: How can I work this into my NaNoNovel?


NOVEL PROGRESS: I had to quit early to let dh work on the computer, but fell asleep within 15 minutes on the couch anyway. Musta needed some sleep! At any rate, I just got 25,001! Halfway, Baby!