You’ve all seen those ads for Restless Leg Syndrome. The drug they are advertising promises to help your legs get over that "gotta move" feeling. You know, the odd, involuntary, herky-jerky feeling in your legs, where they seem to be going on a run without you. Too much caffeine, too little blood flow…several things can cause it, and it truly can cause you to lose sleep, to not be able to relax. In fact, my RLS seems to come on–when it does–whenever I’m trying to relax at the end of the day, or as I’m drifting off to sleep.

I don’t need drugs; I need to give up caffeine, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I feel like that in my spiritual life as well.

It’s that "gotta move" feeling…gotta eat right, write a novel, connect with a friend I’ve lost track of, organize my home, study the Bible every day, start a walking program, watch less TV, train the dog, start sewing as a hobby, clean out the closet, volunteer somewhere, learn Spanish, join the church’s evangelism program…

Phew. Panic is setting in just writing my list. What’s on your list?

I think we get this form of Spiritual RLS when we’re trusting ourselves and not God, stepping out ahead of Him, setting goals and asking His blessing on them.

Now, the good Spiritual RLS comes when we do the opposite: When we trust God, only step forward with something when He says yes, ask Him what His will is and give that will our blessing by obeying.

There is a "drug" that transforms the bad Spiritual RLS to the good Spiritual RLS. It’s called prayer. Wait, Wait, Wait. Watch. Watch. Watch. Pray, then wait and watch what God does in your life in response. Connect the dots between  your prayer, and what God does in your life after the prayer.