Kings used to believe in their divine calling. It went pretty far, too, with many a king believing that the people were put here on earth to serve him.

The Great American Experiment turned that on its head. Our founders created a country in which the divine rests in the people, not in a king, not in a federal or state government, but in the people themselves. This is why we vote, debate, run for office, sign petitions. It’s an awesome calling that not too many people take seriously. We want to run to court and whine, or throw a tantrum through a petition, but to go in the voting booth and allow God to use us to pick our leaders…that’s too hard. It is an awesome, awesome thought that God leads our country through us. He does not lead it by birthright, or by war, but through US. Through each and every individual that is standing solo, alone with himself and his conscience (God) in that voting booth.

And yes, even the Obama administration will be used by God…in ways that will surprise even him. I truly believe, and pray for, that.

It is also why the freedoms of religion and speech are so important. To imagine one king with absolute authority over your life, claiming to know what is divine, is not something we can really do in America. But because of our First Amendment, the divine is separated from the power that rules our country. When we disagree, we can vote someone out of office, write a letter to the editor or a blog, call our Congressman. The divine rests in the people, not in our president. 

In other words, the president is not always right. We know it, and he knows it. The more effective presidents have always drawn intelligent, America-loving people around themselves who will engage them and seek the best ideas through debate, discussion, and accurate information. I’ve said it before…iron sharpening iron is what makes our democracy so great.

And it couldn’t happen if we hadn’t turned the "divine rights" of kings on its head.

Just like Jesus did to the religious world when He taught that He resides in each of us that will have Him, that we don’t need a priest to approach God on our behalf.

Go read some newspapers and get educated before the next election!


P.S. Yes, I still use the old-fashioned approach of he/him when speaking of mankind in general. I believe these same things on behalf of women. I am one. And not a doormat woman, either. It’s just that he/she and him/her is too awkward for my writing tastes and too PC for my political tastes.