I could not believe it. CNN was letting a video blogger talk, as part of a panel of four on CNN Live, in preparation for Obama’s big speech to Congress tonight. The blogger had a well-modulated voice, an attitude of reasoning and thoughtfulness.

And he spoke about "core American values like shared responsiblity and shared wealth."


This is the US, and not Cuba or Russia, right?

I don’t see anyone sharing any of my responsibilities with me! I educate my daughter, I cook our dinner at night and clean our home. My husband’s law practice buys our food and home, pays for our taxes and a few extras like gymnastics. No one is sharing any responsibilities with me or my husband.

However, I do see people wanting to share  my family’s "wealth." (I use the term generically, not as a comment on our family’s financial status!) Mainly well-meaning liberals who think we ought to help others by means of the government. Read, taxation.

I’ve actually heard liberals on talk radio say things like, "I do charitable giving. I do it when I pay my taxes."

Here’s the thing: If we are all busy sharing our resonsibilities, who is taking responsibility? If I have to share my "wealth," what motivation do I have to earn more, or give more? 

I was piously thinking about core American values such as PERSONAL responsibility and PERSONAL wealth, when I began to feel bad. Am I some kind of monster who does not care about others? Liberals certainly think that of conservatives.

But no. Conservatism is not like that, not really. Take a look at the charitable giving statistics comparing liberals to conservatives. Conservatives very much believe in helping others, in giving a hand up, teaching others to fish rather than giving them a fish. PERSONALLY. Welfare programs are also much more ineffective than the one-on-one help that comes through a church, or a community-based program, or (best yet) friend to friend.

Don’t take away the joy I take in handling my responsibilities as a competent adult. Don’t force me to share my wealth with a faceless bureaucracy that promises to "help people."

I believe that it is my PERSONAL responsibility to reach out to those who need help when I am able, with my PERSONAL wealth.

And I’m glad to do so. Truly. From the bottom of my heart.

Not the bottom of my tax return!