Well, it’s been several days, but I’ve been busy and blah, blah, blah. So here’s my first blog entry about our move to Alaska.

My husband will be a civilian attorney working for the Coast Guard in Kodiak, AK. We will be leaving about June 14th, after church. We will start out in base housing on the island, which is apparently very beautiful. www.kodiak.org. I wish I knew more about the housing so we could make decisions about whether to go down to TX to get my mother’s furniture, since she doesn’t want to take it on her move.

We have been busy trying to connect with Alaska homeschoolers and Coasties online, researching about moving companies, etc. Today will be different. After this entry, I’m going to go in and get the kitchen cleaned up and the bed made. We have writing co-op today, which I really should cancel, but this co-op is Leah’s chance to spend time with her best friend. Plus it helps us to focus on something other than the move to Alaska.  We also have to go buy a swimsuit, as Leah will start physical therapy for her hip in the pool today, and she’s grown three inches since December! No wonder she’s having joint and muscle pain, poor kid.

After all that, I plan on starting on our huge book collection, many of which will get sold. I’m going to box up what I know we’re taking, and leave the rest on the shelves to sell, with Rich’s OK.

Tonight Rich comes home! He’s been in New Orleans on Coast Guard duty. Great timing on that trip. Like Leah said, it feels really odd to have this major thing going on in our lives and Rich isn’t home. It will feel so good to have him here.

I emailed him the other day, "Faint heart never won fair lady, so no wonder you won my heart!" Sometimes the sheer audacity of what we’re doing takes my breath away.

What an adventure.