After looking at our credit card balance this morning, I’m so glad we are moving. (Not that we’re deep in debt by any stretch, but we’ve been trying to get debt-free. Obviously not very hard, lol.)

This move will offer us the opportunity to do all those things we know we "should" do…like putting the credit card in a freezer bag of water to force us to contemplate a purchase at least long enough to allow the water to thaw…like decluttering…like paring down our commitments…

True, if we don’t need the clutter in Alaska, we don’t need it in Indiana.

If we need to "ice" the credit card in Alaska, we need to ice it here.

On one hand, I’m grateful for the fresh start God is giving us.

On the other hand, every day I wake up is a fresh start to do those things I "should" do. No matter what I did or didn’t do yesterday, today is new!

Off to do my morning routine, call Jay-C for some more boxes, begin packing those books, and get Leah going on school.