Talked to a couple Coasties actually in Kodiak, and we know more about our move. We will go ahead and let the Coast Guard just handle it, which avoids having to seek reimbursement and pay for our own insurance on the move.

We will NOT get to be in base housing, but they are sending us rental opportunities, and if we see one we like, the housing office will send someone over to take a look, offer opinion, and take their own pictures for us. Cool service!

So, I’m done packing, which movers will ultimately handle, and we will basically spend the next two days or so sorting out everything that needs to be sold.

It looks like we want a place in Kodiak, which is 7 miles from the base, as opposed to Chiniak, which is 30 miles from the base, and Belles Flats, which is rural with bears and etc. (Not a problem, but the privately-maintained roads between Belles Flats and the base may make getting to work difficult during winter.) 

They are having daylight until 10 pm right now. It will last up to midnight at times. 🙂 Rich says they put foil on the windows to allow for sleeping.

No moose on the island, but there are buffalo. And fox and deer.

How’d buffalo get on the island?