I am now, finally,  updating my blog with actual information!

We are confirmed for moving June 14th. Movers will arrive 6-11 and 6-12, and we will leave 6-14. Leave it to the military to leave everything to the last minute, but to get it worked out anyway!

Rich is madly going through papers after last week’s mad dash to divest ourselves of things at yard sales and on the homeschool loop.

Leah is past her sad good-bye to her best friend.

The animals have a place to be until we can have them shipped.

The Realtor is on alert that we want to look at homes the day after our arrival on the island. Please pray for a good inventory in our price range.

We’ve bought running shoes, and have plans to finally get rid of the old couches in front of our house.

Leah has violin camp this week, but otherwise, we will be selecting and packing the thing we want to physically take with us.

Our neighbors have agreed to rent our house, and even mowed our lawn for us. One less thing to worry about! Thank you very much!