Well, I spent Thursday and Friday dealing with movers.
Saturday, we took the pets to their new home at Heather’s (Jule will stay permanently, and Goldie and KiKi will be sent once we find our permanent landing spot in Kodiak.) Then we spent hours cleaning the house for the renters.
Sunday,  we unhitched the trailer hitch-thingie, since it dragged the ground, drove to church with the broken trunk flapping in the breeze, got Keith to fix the latch (thanks, Keith!!!!!!!), said good-bye (thanks, Woolseys for surprising us!!!) at church, ate lunch, then drove to Memphis Tennessee.

96 degrees for a high here today. We’re practicing saying "Boy, it’s hot!" After a few months in Kodiak, everything will seem hot to us!

I cannot say thanks enough to all the people who helped us. Tears come to my eyes thinking of it. Martha helped me clean house, Heather taking care of our pets, people giving us gift cards and even cash for the trip, Carol shredding and shredding and shredding, Abigail cleaning Leah’s room…

Each of you define the word "friend". Thanks!

Onward to my mother’s house in TX. I’ll update from there.