Haven’t updated for a couple days. Been too busy!

We left Memphis, TN, and we were 15 minutes away from my mother’s and brother’s homes in Texas, when our car simply…died. On the side of the highway in Jarrell Texas.

Fortunately, there was a nice wide median where we could safely wait for a tow and my brother. The policeman who came to help grew up in Anchorage, so he had fun telling us about Alaska.

I’ll try to post pictures of Leah practicing her violin in her sunglasses beside the highway while we waited. 🙂

The Taurus needs a completely new engine. Needless to say, we shopped for a new car yesterday, and will make a decision today. After Rich spent $300 getting a hitch (that didn’t work) put on it! Oh well.

Today, we will also finish getting my mother packed up for her move to Virginia.

Rich, rightfully, sighed yesterday, “So, when does our vacation start?”

On the bonus side, I got to see my sister, nephew, and niece, whom I haven’t seen for 4 years. Sam’s a little bit bigger now, and Marishka’s a senior. How did that happen?

Kirsti, Rustin and I had a ball grocery shopping, and Rustin’s wife Angie even dared to join us three wild childs.

Unfortunately, we accidentally locked Mom out of the house while we were gone.