We spent an extra two days in Texas to help my Mom finish packing and holding a yard sale…both of which might’ve have already been done, except that we had to spend that 6 hours car shopping. While Mom expects to enjoy living with Kirsti and her family, she does not relish the loss of independence it signifies. Please pray for her.

We left Mom’s and went to Carlsbad NM, and toured Carlsbad Caverns, which is an awesome creation of God. Funny how I lived 18 years in Kentuckiana and yet still went to Carlsbad before Mammoth Cave. It was wonderful, and I especially liked the “Rock of Ages” formation. Jesus is, indeed, a solid rock on which we can stand in a world of shifting sand and raging waters.

They have discovered cave bacteria, only existing in the cave, some of which actually feed on rock. These bacteria variously have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-cancer properties. Scientists are working on how to harvest that potential. Tell me God is not amazing!

We got to talking in the cave with a lady who had a beautiful baby girl with acondroplasia. She also gave Leah some camera batteries for no apparent reason except niceness.

From Carlsbad, we made our way to Los Alamos, where we spent the night with my college Roomie, Heather. Her ribs were delicious, and the cole slaw was unique and amazing. Like her and her kids.

This morning, we went to the Los Alamos historical museum and the science museum. The amount of secrecy around the creation of Los Alamos was amazing. The government simply bought up a boy’s boarding “ranch school,” which they patriotically and cheerfully relinquished in the tense WWII environment. Then, Oppenheimer and his team moved in, civilians under military auspices, and created Fat Boy and Little Boy. There was officially no town of Los Alamos. Everyone on the Manhattan Project had the same address, a post office in Santa Fe. It was pretty much necessary to take extreme measures to stop the war in order to save lives on both sides.

My Roomie gave me a signed copy of the New Mexico history book she co-wrote. We even had our traditional late-night popcorn talk, minus the popcorn, since we had such a good dinner. What a treat it was to spend time with her and her family.

This evening, we are in the great state of Colorado, and enjoying a swim at the hotel.


Now a note of praise for my Leah, who is close enough to a teenager to be called one. When our car broke down, she could’ve fretted and pouted and made life miserable in that Texas heat. Instead, she giggled, took pictures, and practiced her violin. What a sweet heart she has. I’m proud of her.

Please pray against exhaustion and for sleep. We’ve all three been short on it for the last few months.

Blessings all!