All right, Rich’s computer misbehaved, so I haven’t updated for a while, but here’s the scoop since the last.

We spent the night in Denver, CO, then got up and lazed around. We finally went to lunch at Casa Bonita, which was fun, but nohwere near as amazing as when I was a kid. However, the food was good, and they served us REAL sopaipillas. The kind of yummy fried dough pillows you bite into, then pour honey into the crevice of the pastry. Oh yeah!!!!!

Then we drove up to Cheyenne, and stayed with my Aunt Sis and Uncle Bill (Dad called her Sis, so she must be Aunt Sis to me, right? I was sometimes cute as a kid.) My twin cousins Cheryl and Sharon came over to say hi, too, and it was enjoyable having Leah come to know my side of the family, too. They’re a great bunch of people. Thanks, Aunt Sis and Uncle Bill!

I learned how my grandparents met. My grandmother’s parents emigrated from Denmark with 7 kids, including my grandma, Anne, who was four, and her little brother, who was 2. Try making that trip aboard a ship! Eventually, they settled in Cheyenne and started the Plains Dairy. Enter a young man named Kenneth, who began working at the dairy, and who also took notice of the boss’s youngest daughter, married her, and later took over the ranch. Anne and Kenneth are, of course, my grandparents.

Then we continued our drive to Casper, Wyoming. We had the most amazing steak I’ve ever had in my life.

From Casper, we headed to Thermopolis, Wyoming, where we enjoyed 20 minutes in the free hot spring pool. The Native Americans there gave the hot springs to the town with the caveat that they would always offer free access. Now there are two hot spring pools boasting slides and swimming, outside the official hot spring pool, but they cost $10 each for the day.

Then we moved on to Cody. Let’s just say Leah didn’t hate Cody, but she didn’t like it particularly, either. She has issues with heads and wood. Long story!

We got to see the Cody Gunfighters put on a wild west shoot-out show, then mosied on down to a restaurant for buffalo burgers and a buffalo hot dog. DELICIOUS. Especially the cowboy beans, which boasted bacon, ham, red peppers, onions and, um…beans. My Sweetheart bought me some very pretty silver earrings, and some turquoise. Leah got a stuffed black bear named Midnight, which she renamed Kitty. I bought a very smashing new cowboy hat for my main man.

Yellowstone today was amazing, as well. We had a bear sighting, two buffalo sightings, three elk sightings, a golden retriever sighting at Yellowstone Lake (retrievers LOVE lakes!), a bee sighting in our car, many geyser sightings including several actually in Lake Yellowstone and one that was labeled 167 degrees F. And of course we saw Old Faithful–Great is thy faithfulness, oh God my Father. One of the elks was a baby, who bleated so endearingly while the adults with her just rolled their eyes and continued grazing. They each stood on the road, holding up traffic, before going on across and joining the rest of the herd on the other side. The mountains and hills of Montana kept us oohing and ahhhing all the way to Helena. We also stood in the snow and took pictures. This was a very worshipful way to spend a Sunday.

Sorry we haven’t figured out how to post all our cool pictures yet, but we’ll do it sooner or later.

Love y’all