Did you know Mount McKinley, in Denali National Park, is over 20,000 feet high? It is visible from Fairbanks and Anchorage. However, due to forest fires, haze, and clouds, it is only visible 30 days out of the year.

Denali is only accessible four months of the year. The rest of the year it is patrolled/cared-for by sled dog teams. We got to see a demonstration yesterday, and it was great fun. Leah definitely wants to own a sled-dog team, and has started drawing pictures of her own sled creation. The park allows no motor vehicles during even those four months, except we’re allowed to drive up to the Wilderness Access Center or to the Visitor’s Center, where buses are allowed to take you places. During the other seven months of the year, no motor vehicles at all. Thus, the sled dogs.

The North Pole, Alaska Christian radio station came through all the way from Fairbanks to Denali. They were playing the most gentle, wonderful praise music, as though they had created a personal sound track for us, just for the mountain views we passed on the way to the park. Again, a wonderful, worshipful way to spend a Sunday. But we’ll be glad to find a church.

Tonight, Leah and I are spending some girl-time at the hotel, while Rich goes to a Glacier Pilots baseball game here in town. (It’s a collegiate league.) But the interesting thing about it is that is starting at 7:30, and there will be NO ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS. He wanted to play golf with a tee-time past midnight, but it was a bit pricey.

Tomorrow we drive to Homer, then in the evening we will finally board the ferry for our 10-hour ride to Kodiak. Then the house-hunt begins.

Did you know there is a town called Chicken, Alaska?

Love y’all!