Stupid dog ate my first one.

I tried Loaf for Learning from Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book again, making a couple of changes. First: I substituted one cup of white bread flour, since the rolls turned out so well. Second: I skipped Rise II, since I’m getting air bubbles during Rise II and no rise in the oven. I was guessing that I was overworking the dough, so I simply deflated and rounded the dough after Rise I, let it rest, then shaped it. Third: I added in PLENTY of flour, probably 6 rounded T, during kneading, so that the dough was only slightly sticky. Fourth: I shaped it not according to Laurel’s shaping directions, but so that it fit my 9″ pan. Her recipe calls for an 8″ pan, so I was probably shaping it too small.

The loaf rose REALLY well in the pan this time! Cowabunga!!!! Can’t wait to open it and see what it looks like.

For LfL Try #3, I will try all whole wheat and only one rising. If it doesn’t rise as well, I’ll diagnose that my wheat flour is not the right gluten content, and finish out this batch of flour by adding white bread flour. Then, I’ll try a different kind of WW flour.

If LfL Try #3 turns out, I’m going to try Laurel’s WW-Oatmeal bread recipe. Then the cinnamon rolls.

I’d like to try LfL without the yogurt. I’d like to try it with better flour and two rises again. It is, after all, a Loaf for Learning!


P.S. (1 day later: Taste test: A SUCCESS!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!)