This time, I used all whole-wheat flour, but skipped the second rise, going straight to proofing in the pan. Still got a good rise. However, air bubbles began to form while I was waiting for the oven to preheat, and I had to pop them. I also put the loaf in 5 minutes before preheat was done. HEY, SILLY DOOFUS: Don’t wait so long into the proofing that you don’t have time to preheat.

For LfL #4, I’m going to use one cup of white bread flour (the taste is rather dense), and watch the proofing. First rise was 1-1/2 hours. Poke test–only filled in slightly. Loaf is slightly shorter than LfL2 (which had 1 C white flour)

If that turns out with no air bubbles, I’ll try LfL5 with slightly more yeast; LfL6 with a 2-hour rising but the original amount of yeast.

Experimentation is a blast, as long I get bread–some better than others by definition–out of the process.

You can see in the pix where I had to poke one of those evil air bubbles, and ended up with kind of a fallen dimple. Bread is definitely usable, but I need to figure out these air bubbles. I’ll try whole wheat again after I solve that issue.