Not too bad. I forgot to use one cup of white flour. I let the dough ferment a little long, due to a very interesting chat with a good friend, but not too-too long. I let it rest quite a bit more than the recommended 10 minutes, due to same chat session :). Dough didn’t need flour until 1/3 of the way through the kneading process, but I did end up adding the usual 5 rounded Tbsp. I got no air bubbles under the crust this time. Better shaping? Wonder why I’m getting the crack around one edge? I left it in to bake slightly too long; thus, the browner sides.

I want to try again with the white flour, to see if I get a better rise. All of these are rising, but not as much as the one LfL I did with 1 C white flour.

I also need to try my brand-new silicone 8X4 loaf pan, since Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book’s recipes are designed for 8-inch, not 9-inch pans like the one I’ve been using.

Taste test: (from dtr) “Definitely not as heavy as the other ones.”

For LfL #5: New loaf pan, better attention to fermenting and proofing times.