Laurel’s Kitchen’s “Featherpuff Bread” recipe is, indeed, a not-inexpensive bread to make, calling for two eggs, 1/4 C honey, and almost a whole carton of cottage cheese. Plus, I added walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar to turn half the recipe into cinnamon rolls.

I ended up adding, as usual, 5-6 T of flour during kneading, and I also skipped Rise II and went directly to rounding, shaping and proofing.

For the loaf, I used my 8X4 loaf pan instead of the 9-inch one.

This bread is very puffy, and I can’t wait to dig into it.

One issue: The cottage cheese that ended up, in the natural course of things, on the crust, burned, leaving little black spots on my loaf. I’ll have to doublecheck what the book says about using cottage cheese, if anything. Maybe if I put the cottage cheese in the food processor before using it?

I got the cottage cheese too hot, but by then the yeast water had cooled slightly, so I just mixed the two.

I did wait a little too long (2 hours) to round, shape, and proof. The dough sighed slightly when I did the poke test. I’ll take some pictures in a little while, but I’m so excited that it worked out.

I even remembered to cool it on top of the fridge, where the golden retriever is unable to reach.

So there, Goldie!

My next experiment is LfL #5, fully whole wheat, BUT in my 8X4.

We’ll see if it rises better, even if it’s not as puffy as Featherpuff.