Well, I kind of liked my proposal story. Rich had already talked about marriage, so, when we went to Wyoming for him to meet my family, he waited until we were in a relatively nice, but casual, restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado with my parents. He asked my Dad for my hand in marriage, and my Dad, with a bemused expression, very drolly said, "Well, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask HER that!"

So he did, and I said, "Of course, my love!"

Mom later said, "If we’d known you were going to do that, we would’ve gone to a nicer restaurant!" Parents! What’re you going to do with them?

Of course, this is the same father who said, "Yo Adrienne!" (like Rocky) when the pastor said, "Who presents this bride to be married," during our rehearsal. No, he didn’t do it during the actual wedding.

It’s also the same father who said, "I don’t know if I like this pie you made, Rich. I’ll have to have another piece to see if I do."

My parents, and Rich’s too, made our wedding special, and our marriage, too.

Blessings, Voni