I know better!

That was my first reaction. To turn on myself.

Which was good in one way. I also turn on myself to look for answers to my diagnosis this week. Diet and exercise. (The good thing about that is that I was already getting into the exercise portion. Plus, I quit drinking diet Coke.)

I just wish I’d stuck to it the last time I used Sparkpeople.com to track my food and exercise and lost 10 pounds. But I probably at least had the beginnings of diabetes even then. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

But the diabetes wasn’t caught by my falling into a diabetic coma, or passing out, or any one of a number of other things. It was caught because I wanted to go to the free screenings the Coast Guard has once a month here so I could get a baseline from which to babystep my way into health. I was already there.

I’m not exercising because of diabetes. I’m exercising because I wanted to. I majorly want to run a marathon, and I majorly want to climb Pyramid Mountain with my family this summer, as well as have more energy to give them.

(No wonder I’ve been feeling so low-energy the past few years. Probably I was in pre-diabetes then. Can’t wait to get it under control and feel better.)

Now, the diabetes and its wonderful eye, foot, kidney, and heart buddies are all just more fuel to my fire.  I just need to babystep a little faster than I wanted to. I guess the dietician will get me started next Tuesday.

But it’s basic: low-fat, high-fiber (whole grains), low-cholesterol, low-salt.


I knew better! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now. Enough of that.

On with the business of getting healthy.