Yesterday I said I could turn to myself for answers to my diabetes.

That didn’t come across exactly as I meant it, because it made it sound like I can do it myself, which is not exactly true. There’s my family, friends, doctor, dietician…all those people. And God. As Philippians 4:13 says, whatever I do, I do only through the power of Christ. I know it’s been all Him the last two weeks when I haven’t picked up an Oreo, or opened a can of diet Coke, because in myself, my bad habits wanted to take over in the worst way.

Ask my husband, who listened to my whining about wanting them!

What I did mean when I said I could turn to myself for the answers, is that I have no intention of not fighting this thing. It will be a lifelong fight, even if diet and exercise do end up getting me off these new medicines. But since it was my bad habits that got me into this "mess," it will be my good habits that get me out of it!

And maybe fight isn’t the right word. Conlict, Struggle, Constant Awareness…I don’t know. Maybe fight is the word, because it’s a battle I intend to win.

But not without Christ, family, and friends!


Awww, phooey! I just realized I can’t quite say it’s been two weeks without diet Coke yet.. But it will be as of Tuesday. Can’t wait!