A Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today… Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside my window… I’m noticing rust on my neighbor’s roof, rust on the other neighbor’s chimney, rust on the other neighbor’s garage. That’s not surprising, since we live in a rain forest, but I’m wondering why some days we notice the spruce trees and eagles, and others we notice the rust?

I am thinking… about what book am I going to read next?

I am thankful for… a husband who wants to do adventurous things like move to Alaska or run a marathon, who wants to be a world-changer by changing the world of his clients.

I am wearing… Duh…jeans, Alaska t-shirt, socks. I’m a one-hit wonder in the wardrobe department. We’ll see what changes after I finish losing weight, though.

I am remembering… when my husband was running for state office in Indiana, and instead of campaigning in the last week, he flew to Wyoming to be with me when my father died. Even so, he didn’t lose the election against a popular incumbent by much.

I am going… to make sure dd’s room is completely tidied, vacuumed and dusted today. By her, not by me. She is 13! J

I am hoping… that the dried garbanzos Rich brought from Juneau–we cant’ find any in Kodiak– will make some delicious Garbanzo Bean bread (from “Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book).

On my mind… gotta work on my novel. I’ve got to finish these character sketches!

One of my favorite things… classical music. Bach in particular.

From the learning rooms… Leah’s learning how to train Goldie the “Go To Mat” command.

Pondering these words… “Hence, O! Painter, beware lest lust of gain should supplant in you the dignity of art.” (Leonardo daVince in his Notebooks. Quoted from “Lenoardo’s Chair, A Novel” by John DeSimone—a treatise on Christianity and the artistic impulse.

From the kitchen… ordering pizza tonight. Not that any pizza places deliver here, but we’ll pick up a take-and-bake from Big Al’s Pizzeria or eat at the Coast Guard base’s Pizza Parlor.  Leah wants to make beignets today. Though I can’t eat them!

Around the house… finish the last bit of laundry, vacuum up the beads from the stuffed animal the dog tore apart, mop the bathroom floor.

A few plans for the rest of the week… still need to get the homeschool report ready for the school district.