Yesterday, two bald eagles were fighting in mid-air, and the rest of the group of about 10 were flying around, agitated. The two who were squabbling flew in front of my car, and I almost hit them.

It made me think about the times when I’m fighting–with my hubby, my daughter, a friend, God, life itself, it doesn’t matter–and I miss what’s going on around me.

It made me think of how, in that moment, those eagles lost some of their majesty in my eyes. They weren’t running off an intruder. There was plenty of fish (or fish parts) available from the nearby fish canneries. They were just squabbling. How I must look when I’m in the midst of a squabble instead of trusting God and enjoying the blessings that are so abundant in my life?

By the way, eagles also dumpster dive during the winter. I bet I look every bit as un-majestic when I wallow in the bad parts of life as though God were not with me.

I’m determined to remember those un-majestic eagle images the next time I’m tempted to fight or wallow in life’s trash. I’m determined to rise above, like an eagle soaring through the crisp Alaskan air.


The picture I’m including were taken from our front yard. The eagles were having a ball in our neighbor’s pick-up truck. (Sorry about the wrong date. These were taken in Nov. 2010)