Today begins the annual Spring Break here in Kodiak, Alaska. So what do I see out my window? (Besides a heavy snow fall, I mean.) three kids and their dad are outside building an igloo in their yard. We’re waaaaay beyond snowmen, here! First, they made a pile of snow…we have plenty, since it’s snowed nearly every day in March…using the shovel to pack each shovel-full onto the pile. After they built a second-grader-sized pile, one of the kids began scooping the pile out, a lot like scooping out a baked potato in order to stuff it with broccoli and cheese. Dad kept piling and packing on the snow, and the kids kept scooping until the hole they dug into their snow pile was deep enough and they disappeared inside. 

Please comment and let me know: What are you doing on YOUR Spring Break?????


P.S. The snow quit falling while I was writing. Don’t worry. It’s just taking a break before it continues to make up for a non-white Christmas.

(For more about igloos: –Native American Indian Resources website)

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