I am so excited to say that I have a dog.

I didn’t think Goldie, a male golden retriever, would ever allow it after last summer. He had to spend the summer on the farm of some friends of ours, then take an airplane to meet us at our new home in Alaska. He did not play well with the other dogs at first.

But, Harley is a 1-year-old wheaten terrier girl pup. My Mother’s Day present.

And the previous owners were willing to allow us to have playdates with Goldie and Harley before bringing her into the house.

She’s soft, cute, smart, and willing to please.

Now, if she’d get over the excited peeing. 🙂 (But we’re in the clear so far today!)

Now, if the cat would only let her play with him. He deign NOT to play with a bouncy wheaten girl!

So, anyway, it’s been six weeks since I posted, and I wanted to share my good news.

I need to get back to writing daily, so…look for more posts in the future.