Cruising the Shelikof Strait,
With the Tustamena as our guide

The ocean invited play for the whales and the birds and the fishermen,
while unseen fish enjoyed their life in the deep blue.

The mystery of all that is that world below invited imagination,
but the sun glistening in the snow showed the majesty of all above.

Calico-spotted mountain tops were the orcas of the air,
the whale spout evidence of the orcas of the sea.

The spruce lined up like wooden soldiers,
protecting the grassy hihllside from its human invaders

                              *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

It was all the same–mountains and sea, sea and mountains…

It  was all unique–there was the grass-covered hillside, and the spruce forests and the snow. The pillow clouds were the comforter.

Mountains come in all shapes and sizes, in all dimensions, ashore and at sea. There were volcanic mesas dressed in their leis of clouds alongside pointy-topped crystl cities.

Look, there’s a mountain like a Southern Indiana countryside.  The grass and the trees meet the sea’s white waves.

                                                                  *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
It was a Father’s Day to remind me of the Father.

Rich Harris
22 June 2010

–Thanks for sharing, Honey! I love you!