I’ve been (slowly) reading the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and I recently finished the part of his autobiography where he wrote the Declaration of Independence…

Did you read that?

I just read the part of Jefferson’s autobiography where he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

How many people can put THAT in their journal?

"Dear Livejournal: This week I wrote a document that will for hundreds of years be the foundational document of the greatest country on earth. We call it the Constitution. –T.J."

"Dear LJ: This week, Congress discussed the Constitution and we finally passed it. Now on to the states for ratification!–T.J."

"Dear LJ: This week I had an hour conversation with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.–T.J."

"Dear LJ: This week I decided to found the University of Virginia.–T.J."

So here are my LJ entries (or would be if they weren’t so boring that I don’t bother)"

"Dear LJ: Today I taught Leah how to do an algebra problem, did the dishes, and put a load of laundry in (though I then forgot it and it is now needing to be rewashed.)"

"Dear LJ: Today I shopped for groceries for the week."

"Dear LJ: Today I took the dog for a walk."

Sigh. So far from the Founders. So far.

It makes me wonder what I am doing with my life. OK, so teaching Leah is an important task.  And OK, Thomas Jefferson had to buy groceries and supplies. Take care of his pets and livestock. Run his plantation. But what is impressing me now is the fact of where he went beyond that. He didn’t stay in that daily arena of life like I do.

I don’t mean for one second to sound bitter if I do, because I’m extraordinarily  happy with my life. And I believe in the importance of homeschooling and homemaking, even if the tasks tend to be daily and repetitive.

But it’s important to take stock sometimes. What am I doing to impact history? (Even just the personal history of my family?) What is holding me back from doing amazing things at my own level, like finishing my novel or running a marathon?

Organization? Sure. Not caring enough to get myself into manageable daily routines that keep the daily part of life corralled where it belongs, holds me back. Working on that hard lately!

Man vs. woman? Sure. I have responsibilities at home that Jefferson didn’t have, simply for the fact that he had an amazing wife back at home while he went off to Philadelphia and did amazing things there. Am I being the the encourager for my husband the way she was? No. I’m too busy getting the daily stuff done to focus on him as much as I could be. Should be. WANT to be.

Fear? Sure. What if I write a novel and then they want another one? I might only have one novel in me! What if the time spent training for marathon causes me to slip in the daily arena of life? (and hubby runs out of underwear?) What if God doesn’t want me to write a novel or train for a marathon? I don’t have an engraved invitation from Him to do either thing, after all.

There’s the heart of the matter. I’m not close enough to Christ. If I am focused on Him, the engraved invitations will take care of themselves, as will the power to accomplish their contents. I trust Him absolutely!

My daily time with God is weak and inconsistent right now.

Wanna join me in strong and consistent daily time with God?