Absolutely, yes, parents have the right to know if their teen is on birth control! Parents have the responsibility for the medical needs of their children, and you can’t have true responsibility without full knowledge.

Teens have to have parental permission to get an aspirin from the school nurse, don’t they?

Why we continue to look down on children and assume they won’t be able to say "no" is beyond me. We’d never teach them how to safely drive drunk, would we? Of course not! We tell them not to drink and drive, period. There will still be those who do, to our shame and horror, just like there will be those who end up in serial relationships and teen pregnancy, to our shame and horror. Why don’t we teach our kids character and commitment and self-control, rather than helping them lose control? Our kids are no different than previous generations, who (mostly) had the ability and self-confidence to say "NO." Let’s quit looking down on them!