In my title, I was going to say I wanted to "put words to paper", but that doesn’t really apply when you’re working on a computer, does it? 

Put words on a screen?
Type words?
Send words into cyberspace?

None of those have the same romantic, nostalgic ring as "putting words to paper."


Journal is definitely the more romantic, nostalgic of those two. Though both words, I think, carry some romance and nostalgia. I mean a blog can be all decked out and personal, or it can be an almost computerized download of "what happened today," or "my progress on my project." So, too, can a handwritten journal.

Romance, nostalgia, and personality can, indeed, permeate a blog, though. Has anyone seen "Julie & Julia"? Anyone seen the One Year of Slow-Cooking blog?  (Apparently, I think cooking is romantic and artsy and personal…I’ve already confessed on this blog to having "Ratatouille" as my favorite movie.)

I think I’m rethinking my statement about a journal being the more romantic, nostalgic.  I have paper journals I’ve never written in because they’re too precious, too nostalgic, too romantic, too special. I don’t want to mess them up. This is why I love my blog. I can write away and share my life without being scared to waste a piece of paper. Unless I like it and print it, of course. 

So, how about I "write" or "blog" and skip all the putting, typing and sending of words!