It would be a dream to appear on "The Cosby Show." I’d have to be sure to get Bill Cosby’s autograph! (That would be the whole purpose of the appearance, right?)

As the mother of a biracial daughter, I respect Cosby’s pro-family, anti-racism message. "Message" is the wrong word…"lifestyle" fits better. He says blacks don’t need extra help on the language portion of standardized tests, for instance,  insisting they are intelligent enough to learn standard English. (Of course they are!) He insists blacks can succeed at whatever they put their minds to, which he demonstrates in Cosby Show to a T. (And his other sit coms, as well). To meet such an intelligent, thoughtful man would be an honor. To put in a cameo with him would be fun and a lifetime highlight–a bucket-list kinda thing.

Plus he’s funny!

The episode where Theo is hiding his new earring from his dad…ROTFLOL

The episode where Theo decides not to go to college…ROTFLOL

The episode where Cliff almost misses Thanksgiving going out in the rain to pick up last-minute groceries (which Claire ends up simply borrowing from the neighbors)…ROTFLOL

As to what type of character I’d like to play: How about a wisecracking friend of the family, invited for a dinner in? That way my husband and daughter get to join in the fun!

I could do that if I had The Cosby Show’s excellent writers putting words in my mouth!