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For Today… Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Outside my window… Dark. (Sunrise 9:47, sunset 4:21 AKST)  Bright, bright stars…Rich saw meteors on his way to work, but I haven’t seen any.

I am thinking… about the very bright star that has been hanging around with the moon the past couple of weeks. Could it be a planet? I ought to do some research.

I am thankful for… last Sunday’s Currier & Ives Christmas at the Baptist Mission. It’s an awesome Kodiak community  event, with live Nativity and reading of the Christmas story, the St. Innocent’s Academy singers, cider, homemade  cookies (a ton of cookies), and hayrides. It’s all free.

I am wearing… black pants, turquoise shirt and peach hoodie. If you’re counting, this is the second Tuesday in a row I’m NOT wearing t-shirt and jeans. I’m not even doing it purposefully.

I am remembering… last night’s one-hour conversation with my husband and 14yo dd about the First Amendment. Rich woke up saying, “We had a good night last night, didn’t we?” Yes, indeed!

I am going… to work on my annual I’m-getting-organized-this-year plans. I’m going to get my Palm Pilot up and running with intentions to keep it at my side throughout the day.

I am hoping… my dd understands how deeply her Dad and I love her, and how impressed we are with her ability to think well and deeply, with both compassion and principle. Pretty good for a 14yo! I can’t truthfully call her a “teenager”. Young Woman is more like it!

On my mind… I have just one sweet little load of laundry to do today.

One of my favorite things… thinking about making the Featherpuff cinnamon roll recipe from the Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book for Christmas.  Oh, I’m going to make them, all right, but just thinking about baking them is giving me pleasure!

From the learning rooms… Leah’s going to write a history essay, and revamp her First Amendment essay from yesterday. She’s worried about her Spanish semester final, but she’s got it in the bag if she keeps studying the way she has been. Of course, they’ve scheduled 2-1/2 hours for the test, so no wonder it’s making her nervous.

Pondering these words… "Born in other countries, yet believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming, as I doubt not you will do, to our established rules. That these rules shall be as equal as prudential considerations will admit, will certainly be the aim of our legislatures, general and particular." –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Hugh White, 1801 (quoted from The Patriot Post’s "Founders Quote Daily")

I am reading… C.S. Lewis’ “Magician’s Nephew” in preparation for the arrival of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” on our little island. We always get movies about 6-8 weeks after the rest of the country, so I’m wanting to read the whole Narnia series before it gets here.


From the kitchen… Rich is making a salmon dish with chipotles for dinner tonight. Wait! That means I don’t have to cook.

Around the house… I need to spread some cat litter on our icy, treacherous steps.

A few plans for the rest of the week… to download some audio books from the ListenAlaska! website I have access to with my Kodiak library card.