On the christianwriters.com website, one of the members recently started a discussion about how each person ended up writing. Since my blog is mainly about words, stories, and books, I thought I’d re-post my story here, such as it is.

I have a short story I wrote when I was four or five, shortly after I learned how to read. It is on special notebook paper with pink flowers down the left side. It’s largely illegible, but you can tell it was something about a red pony. I remember how special it was that my Mom believed in me enough to let me use her special paper. (By the way, she was the editor of a major statewide newspaper, so I always joke that red ink flows in my blood.)

In other words, it was my passion for reading and the encouragement of Mom (both parents, really) that led me into writing. And those passions were built into me by God, the same way He carefully crafted each of my organs and all the different aspects of my personality.

I got into competitive speech and debate in high school, which I loved and was fairly successful at doing, and which led me to believe I should take Radio-Television as my major in college. Bad move. It had its fun parts, but honestly, my faculty advisor should have pulled me aside, and told me, "Hey, Voni: You’re getting low B’s and and occasional C in your major courses, but A’s in all your courses that require writing. Get a clue!" I had an internship writing radio copy, and that was the most fun at a "job" I’ve ever had. In the interest of honesty, however, I wouldn’t have listened if my advisor had given me such advice.

Fast forward past marriage, jobs, adoption, homeschooling, and a move to Alaska.

I never completely stopped writing, and even completed NaNoWriMo 2009. But I also never put any focus on my writing. Until this last few months.

As I said in the Christianwriter forum discussion on God’s calling, writing is a compulsion to me. As a Christian, I happen to believe those compulsions come from God. My daughter has compulsions to violin and athletics, for instance. She can’t NOT do them any more than I can’t NOT write.

Where God takes my writing compulsion, is up to Him entirely.