My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving…it’s such a patriotic holiday. It’s a God-n-country holiday, because of its foundational role in the formation of our country, plus those Pilgrims came specifically for religious freedom, and the very name of the day draws our attention to God.  I mean, it’s a day to give thanks for our blessings, right? Which brings about the question: Thank whom?

Not to mention the joys of family togetherness around the turkey.

I remember Dad literally filling his plate with mashed potates, then piling turkey and everything else on top of the potatoes and topping it all off with gravy. At least he ate the pie separately!

Gotta love my husband, who ALWAYS cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner, no matter how many church Thanksgiving dinners and in-law Thanksgiving dinners we’ve had that year. He is one good cook, so I don’t really mind.

All this said, it is still a terrible tragedy of my childhood that every few years my birthday would fall on Thanksgiving, so I wouldn’t get the traditional "I’ll cook whatever you want for your birthday," from Mom…nope. Turkey and the fixin’s it was on those years. Okay, okay, so she would make me a birthday dinner on a different day that week. It was still traumatic and sad! Can’t you see how traumatized I am as an adult over such a terrible thing?