True friends lean on you as much as you lean on them.

They do not turn away from you when you struggle with something…they come alongside you…and you do the same for them when they struggle.

All the usual gushy stuff about laughing together, crying together, hanging out together, sharing life…all of life…together. Epecially…most definitely especially…when that friend is your husband. [My husband, Rich, is awesome at being my friend, by the way.]

That said, nothing would ever lead me to end a friendship. This is because we are all sinners, and there is always, always, repentance and forgiveness. Didn’t Jesus provide that for my own dirty, rotten, nasty, sinner self? I’ll do no less. But, I’m not stupid and let you continue to hurt me; I will simply start running with other friends until we reach the point of repentance and forgiveness in our relationship.