A couple of weeks ago, I fussed/editorialized/blogged about having czars in our US government in a Word Nerd entry, here. Now, this week, up pops this article from the New York Times, Obama Takes on Congress over Policy Czar Positions.

The new Congressional budget does not include money to pay for czar positions overseeing several areas of policy. President Obama chooses to fight them on this, saying it’s limiting his ability to act as chief executive–never mind my feelings over the fact that the positions are either unfilled, and have been for awhile, or have already been closed down, yet the President is still fighting Congress on it.

Why is he fighting Congress over the budget to fill positions he apparently doesn’t even really want to fill?

As chief executive, the President has the right to appoint czars–never mind my feelings over the use of the word czar–over areas of policy that are important to him. Of course, Congress has the Constitutional responsibility to approve the budget including those czars’ pay.

Check, meet Balance.

It’s about power, plainly and simply: Our founders included a system of checks and balances to prevent the executive, judicial, or legislative branches of our government from gaining too much power over the others, and thus, over us.

The President has the right to make appointments in the executive branch. Congress checks that power by controlling the purse strings that pay those people, and by approving nominations. Check! 

Congress has the right to make legislation that we, as citizens, are bound to follow. the Supreme Court has the right to determine the Constitutionality of that legislation. Check!

The Supreme Court has the right to decide the Constitutionality of different issues before them. The President has the right to appoint those Justices. The Congress approves those appointments. Check! Check!

Even the Congress itself balances large states (which have an advantage in the House), and small states (which have an advantage in the Senate).

But we citizens have the biggest check of all.

It’s called the ballot box.


Weren’t the founders smart?