; The munchies are easy…you’ve gotta have popcorn in one hand and cookie dough bites or snowcaps in the other. It’s the back-and-forth between the salty and the chocolatey that makes it so great. Of course, you have to have someone to share it with, because no one, much less a diabetic, needs too much of that kinda good thing. Plus, it’s the company that makes the movie enjoyable.

As to the movie itself…I like movies that inspire, like Bridge to Terabithia or Tangled or Freedom Writers or the Narnia movies/books, or the Lord of the Rings movies/books. (Can’t pinpoint why Tangled was so inspiring. It just was.) Adventure/Sci Fi Movies like Tron or I Am Number Four are not ones I’d choose on my own, but I enjoy them when I see them, like going on a roller coaster (fun!).

We recently saw an extremely good movie: True Grit. (SPOILER ALERT) It’s about a 14-year-old girl named Mattie who goes about avenging her father’s murder in the Old West, only to find out revenge is a bitter meal. My 14-year-old daughter left the movie angry. Don’t get me wrong; she loved the movie. However, Leah so totally identified with the intelligent, beautiful Mattie, that it angered her when Mattie turned out to as an old maid in the end. Now that was a well-done character, script-wise (written by Joel and Ethan Coen), and acting-wise (Hailey Steinfeld–Way to go, Girl!). You could watch Mattie dig deep to find her own true grit. You could see her growing up before your eyes.

And that’s what makes a movie inspiring, as opposed to a series of events or even an exciting, breathless roller coaster ride. Actually, the same goes for novels as well. Anyone can give you a roller coaster ride…it takes a skillful author to write strong characters that truly inspire (while on a roller coaster ride).