Okay, so we’re ignoring the fact that there is zero, ZERO, percent chance I’d ever get invited to a royal wedding. That leaves me with reality. There is nothing I could afford that William and Kate either don’t have or don’t want.

     So what to give?

     Something powerful. Something free.

     Something every marriage needs.


     Lord Jesus, I pray that the love William and Kate have for each other will grow deeper day by day, and that it will be merely a reflection of the even greater love You have for them.

     I pray this also for marriages all around the world as the royal wedding brings to our minds the power of love and marriage. But primarily for my marriage.

     I pray also for all the little girls watching the royal wedding today and dreaming their romantic princess dreams: that you will show them the power of true love, first Yours, then true, committed, romantic love here on earth.