Micro-fiction: I’ll Remember This Night

A Kanuk, Alaska story by Voni Harris


Having watched this movie-theater proposal on Godtube (I highly recommend it), I began to feel sorry for any man who still has to propose to his girl after that. So, of course, I had to write a story. Enjoy!


Chad knew just what he’d do.


He’d hire a photographer…

                        No. He’d rent a kayak…

                                    No. A helicopter…




He’d buy her a book by her favorite author. She’d open the pages and find a love letter from him. Her eyes would tear up. She’d look up, and he’d be on his knees with an engagement ring…


No. He’d buy her a kitten. Attached to the kitten would be a bow with the ring…


No. They’d go kite-flying on Pyramid Mountain, and when the kite came down, attached to it would be the ring…


No. They’d go out to that outcropping of rock by the ocean, where they loved to spend a few minutes after their dates. He’d hide the ring in a crevice…




He’d get his friends…

                        Their pastor…

                                    Her parents…His parents?                   




One thing he did know: His proposal to Tatiana wouldn’t be the regular, “will you marry me,” stuff. No regular dinner-and-a-movie night like tonight. He was already amazed that a gal like her had come to love a regular guy like him. The proposal could not be regular. He wanted to knock her socks off, the way she’d knocked his socks off.


He wanted her to remember his proposal the rest of her life. Their lives.


This was the only reason he hadn’t proposed to her yet. He could never get beyond “will you marry me” in his mind. Creativity eluded him. He knew she had to be wondering why he hadn’t proposed. Fortunately, she was a patient, content person.


He parked his SUV in front of her house and smacked himself on the head—he’d forgotten to wash it after the fishing trip out to Point Peaceful today. Tatiana would have to enjoy their date in a muddy vehicle. There was still salmon in the ice chest in the back, and his boots bore the evidence of the fishing trip, too.


Chad opened the car door and knocked the worst of the mud off his boots onto the ground, then reached back to the glove compartment to check for the velveteen box that held the ring. He clicked the compartment shut. He wouldn’t propose tonight.


Not in a messy, fishy vehicle. Not with dirty boots. Not on a regular old movie date.


At least I remembered to shower!


He walked up to her door and rang the bell,. Out came Tatiana, beautiful in jeans, sweatshirt and ponytail. She waved good-bye to her mother and pecked her dad on the cheek at the door.


“Movie’s out at 10:00. I’ll have her home by 11:00, Sir,” he told her father as they shook hands. Chad was a fan of good manners, even if Tatiana was 27 and a college graduate.


“I know you will, Son,” he replied with a smile.


“Been fishing today?” she teased, gazing at his boots as he helped her over the muddiness of the SUV and into the passenger’s seat.


“Yep. Want some salmon when we get back? The ice chest is back there.”


“Mom would love that. Dad’s not going out fishing for a few weeks yet. Thanks.”


“Sure.” He let his hand glide gently over her shoulder, then closed her door, walked around to the driver’s side, and slid in.


The genuine sparkle in her eyes took his breath away. “I couldn’t wait to see you tonight,” she said.


He finally remembered to breathe. “Tatiana, will you marry me?”


The words came out before he could stop them. But he couldn’t unsay them now.


The gear shift suddenly pressed into his ribs as she crushed him into a hug.


“I’ll remember this the rest of my life. Our lives,” she whispered.


Here’s the truth, guys: Every proposal is special to every gal simply because it comes from the man she loves.


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The End





I like this couple! This story just simply wrote itself from Chad’s point of view. Here’s another Chad and Tatiana story to enjoy.