Mama’s Kitchen

A Kanuk, Alaska story

Microfiction by Voni Harris


            Tatiana was so mad she could spit.

            She couldn’t believe Chad had said that to her. Couldn’t believe it. What was she, chopped liver?

            She slammed the bag of groceries down on the counter. Let the ice cream melt!

            She grabbed her keys of the counter and drove off before Chad could emerge from the computer room where he was apparently handcuffed to the computer.

            She drove straight for her mother’s house, parked in the driveway, and let the door slam behind her as she entered Mama’s kitchen.

            Mama came in from the other room, holding a duster in her hand. “My goodness, Tatiana,” she said. “We taught you when you were a toddler not to slam doors. Is something wrong?”

            “Sorry, Mama.”

            “That’s okay, Darling. Is something the matter?” She was already over at the stove putting on some hot water for tea.

            How many talks had she and her mother had over a cup of tea sitting right her in Mama’s kitchen? She’d been right to come here. Her mother always listened to her. “Thanks, Mama. You won’t believe what Chad said to me. It made me so mad…”

            “Whoa, right there, Girl!” Mama turned from the pantry to face her. “You’ve had a fight with Chad?”

            “Yes, Mama.”

            “Does Chad even know you’re here?”

            Busted. “Uh, no.”

            She closed the pantry and walked over to the stove, flipping off the burner under the teapot.

            “Go home, Tatiana.”

            “But Mom, I just need someone to listen.”

            “Honey, I know Chad hasn’t assaulted you, nor has he been cruel. He’s not that kind of man. Insensitive? Well, he is a man.” She grinned at Tatiana. “No. You don’t need me to listen; you want me to commiserate and sympathize and say ‘poor baby.’ If you truly want someone to listen, go home to your husband, you know, the man you love. He’s the one you need to talk to.”

            “But Mama!”

            “I love you, Baby Girl. Now go home and talk to Chad.”

            Mama’s right. Mama’s always right.

The End

By the way, Chad and Tatiana have a couple of stories on my blog already. They love each other so much, even though they tend to let life get in the way.  Here and here are a couple of other Chad and Tatiana. In the last story, they almost throw it all away. Enjoy!