Little Spruce: A Parable
By Voni Harris

"I tell you," (Jesus) replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Luke 19:40

This parable takes place back in the day when the spruce tree was only a mite of a thing. Spruce would only grow about as tall as a 5-year-old little girl, and that’s all the taller she could grow, if you can imagine.

Poor Little Spruce was sad about this.

She was not tall and glorious like the whispery aspen.

She could not grow crisp apples like the homey apple tree.

She did not have an invigorating pine scent like the proud, bushy pine tree.

Poor Little Spruce was unhappy.

She asked her friend Raccoon to dot pine sap on her branches, and Raccoon was glad to help. And it worked! The smell of pine emanated from her branches, adding to the delicious, earthy scent of the forest.

Until it rained and the pine sap was washed off her.

“Maybe I can bear fruit!” she said when her cones grew in.

She concentrated very, very hard on them, and sent every bit of her sap to the tips of her branches in hopes the cones would turn into apples.

But they did not turn into apples. Or any other kind of edible fruit.

“Well, anyway, what I really want is to be tall like the other trees,” she said. So she asked her friend Squirrel to tie a rope to her tip-top, and then attach the other end to the tip-top of the tallest aspen. Squirrel did his best to pull the rope tighter and tighter, so that it would stretch her out and make her tall like the aspen.

But it did not.

“I have nothing to offer the world!” she moaned.

That’s when the Creator came walking by. “Oh, Silly Little Spruce,” He said. “I already have a whispery aspen, a homey apple tree, and a pleasing-scented pine tree. I do not need you to be any of those things.”

“But Creator, I’m just nothing. Just a little scrub of a tree.”

“You already please me, Little Spruce. You are exactly as I created you to be, and you are good.” He told her gently touching her branches.

“I do? I am?” Little Spruce asked. “Really?”

“Really, Little Spruce!” the Creator chuckled as He continued His walk through the forest.

I please the Creator just as I am. He made me just the way He wanted me! she thought. The idea pleased Little Spruce to no end. She couldn’t think about her smallness any more, because she couldn’t stop thinking about how she pleased the Creator and how he made her so unique. Finally, she could hold it in no longer.

“Thank you, Creator, for the way you made me! Thank you for all the different kinds of trees! You are an awesome Creator!” She pointed her branches to heaven, and just thought about the Creator.

Suddenly, her trunk began to stretch toward heaven. She pointed her tip-top to the Creator’s Throne Room.

She heard the Creator chuckle with delight.

“Thank you!” she called.

And she spent the rest of her life praising the Creator, in snow and in sun and in rain.

She praised Him when hunting eagles perched atop her branches, and when hikers rested in her shade.

She never thought about her height again, only about the Creator.

And she taught her children to do the same.

Moral: It’s not about me!

The End

All the pictures used were public domain…thanks to the photographers! (spruce tree-top)