All Saints

Image by sean_hickin via Flickr

Christmas Eve is the evening before Christmas.

 Halloween is the evening before All Hallow’s Day, or All Saint’s Day, which is a day of honor for all the saints. Not exactly what you think of when you think of Halloween, is it? I can only guess the thought of all those dead saints kind of spurred communities to include the darker traditions of Samhain after the creation of All Saint’s Day.

But I’m not interested in the history of Halloween. I’m the Word Nerd, so what I’m fascinated with is the first part of the actual word! Hallow, of course, is related to holy, and according to the Webster’s New World College Dictionary, it describes “that which is made holy or sacred.” Both words come from the Old English halig, from the base hol, meaning “sound, happy, whole.” In fact, Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary says holy means “properly, whole, entire or perfect, in a moral sense.”

 Which makes me think:

            Hallow vs. Hollow

                       Holy vs. Hole

                                    Whole vs. Hole                                  

I am absolutely blown away at the difference one letter makes.


There is only one way in which to become spiritually whole—to fill the hole in my heart—and that’s through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

A little bit different thought than the witches and goblins of Halloween.

Blessings, Voni